Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Church Key

Why are these bottle openers called Church Keys?

Also, the tornado siren is going off again. I'm not even lying.

Stuck in my head: "Wizards of Winter" by TSO.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pants on fire... (and lots of rambling)

yeah, yeah. so I lied about the whole blogging everyday. I failed you. forgive a sista. "LIAAAH!!!!" (like in "Princess Bride"... remember?)

I REALLY want to know if anyone uses "webdings". so.. PLEASE tell me.

I feel like a punk tonight.

I got paint on the carpet from painting a tree house for my best friend...

a tree house box. It really was kind of lame, so don't be impressed.

I really want to play scrabble.

Don't you love it when it rains? Just not when it looks like it's going to rain, without the rain.

Perrier + Lime = :)

Sorry you read my blog posts...really truly.

I think the swine flu commotion is dumb.

People like Elder Obey really make me feel convicted about my pathetic walk with the Lord and service to Him.

God gave us family. Aren't you glad? Last night at my friend's birthday party, I noticed his older sister who got married a year ago, cutting the cake. She looked so natural. So content. And then I scanned the room for her husband. He was watching her too. It made my heart smile. I thought about how many more cakes she would make and cut for their children on each of their birthdays one day. And the precious family they will have, all serving the Lord. He gave us all a place in life. A job. Why do we worry about what degree we're going to get? What school to go to? We already know our job here. I'm so excited about motherhood. I'm glad I have several years to get there, and I am happy waiting, but am so thankful that oneday, I may get the chance to have some little punks of my own, teach them about Christ, and make them many, many birthday cakes.

The tornado siren is going off. We're all gonna die.

Have a peaceful night.

Stuck in my head: "You" by Switchfoot