Friday, March 27, 2009

and finally, Tomorrow.

yay! Tomorrow is finally here, and we are enjoying it with Nathan and Mercy. :D :D

( yeah, i was too lazy to come up with anything else to blog...)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remembering Trash Girl

I made a visit to our M&M blog for the first time in forever, just to check things out, and I found...Trash Girl. :>

I realized it's been two years to the day since trash girl made her appearance helping others.

March 26, 2007

Thanks for your service trash girl!

Ever After-- Since her start helping others with their garbage duties, Trash Girl has gone on to become an icon of trash, nation-wide. Most cities have devoted a holiday to trash, weekly, in honor of Trash Girl, and to show her their deep appreciation.

Thank you, Trash Girl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, A.B. over at Sentencing You to Death has inspired me to post on a daily basis. However, i am only going to try this until next week... (NOT going to set myself up for failure.)

I hereby promise to post Today, Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and finally next Tuesday.

Maybe after that, i'll be so obsessed with blogging i won't be able to stand missing a day! HA!

Oh, and speaking of Sentencing You to Death, I really have to brag on it.


I am incredibly impressed, and totally in awe of the sheer ingenuity of the basic idea of this blog.

No, I am not sucking up, mind you.

But seriously, how awesome is a blog with a title like "Sentencing You to Death" when the basic purpose of the blog is to add a sentence daily for a month... no matter how ridiculously long...

i love it.

So. Now that I am through promoting, I'll continue to try and give you something worthy of your time.

( I did say try.)


I went to the Dentist.
(Best dental experience ever, except for the daunting news for the Wisdom teeth. Yep, the poor little dears have got to go.)

I proved to more of the general public that rain and humidity does not indeed have positive effects on curly hair.

My mother and I shared nearly and hour of conversation devoted to the word "scallywag" and it's synonyms.

Does anyone ever use Webdings?

Mama and I read Eclipse (the third of the Twilight saga) back and forth to each other all day depending on who was driving, and also at Starbucks over coffee. (ok, ok, I know what you may or may not be thinking...I'll touch the "Twilight" subject one day, eventually.)

We went all anti-interstate on the way home from Birmingham. (Not nearly as appealing and spontaneous as it sounds.)

I should be finishing school right now.

I miss all the "college kids."

That pretty much covers today...

I feel like yesterday pretty much got jipped, since I spent yesterday blogging about the yesterday that belonged to yesterday. Tuesday was fine. (It just felt left out.)

Now, since we just got home, I'm off to remove my soaked keds (not a good shoe for the rain) and assemble a tacky purple task chair that i love...
I can do this.

As for you, dear reader, see you tomorrow!

I miss you sisters, come home soon.

Stuck in my head: "Vegetable Car" by Joshua Radin

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


For any of you that had the privilege of being in Alabama yesterday, can you not agree with me that there was something about yesterday that made it possibly the best Monday ever. Nothing spectacular happened. But it was just one of those days. A happy day. Everyone i saw yesterday agreed. ....maybe it was just all the vitamin D and sunflowers... combined with a day of healthy eating. I was in love with yesterday.
We had the most glorious weather.
How could the day not have been spent outside?
So March is almost over, but it has brought birthdays, anniversaries, trips and work and play. lots of play.
We've been to San Diego:

Elvis and Daddy shared their birthday again. I don't have a picture.

(my sister is 22....................??)

My parents have been married now for 28 years.

love. :)

28 roses,
and this card.
(pun intended)
(My father's rare cheesiness is adorable.

She turned 16:



Spring Breaks are usually pretty grand. The trip to Atalanta to see the Terracotta soldiers and 3rd Louvre exhibit at the High Museum was wonderful:

...whitney and i did the punk thing on purpose.

...meanwhile my father is on a motorcycle trip....

...And in case you're still reading, (bless you)

then there was yesterday:

So happy beginning to a great week!