Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day with us....

OK so last night at dinner my father...a rather protective dad of three girls plus the extras he sometimes a lesson to his family about the economy.

(just for the record he says he can't claim this)

Dad: So, anyone know why the car industry is declining so quickly?

Table of girls: crickets*

Dad: OK, Who knows the two MAIN purposes for cars?

Table of girls: crickets*

Dad: OK- reason 1) Back when women weren't in the work force (accusing look at mom- for no particular reason) boys would drive around in nice cars to pick up girls.

reason 2) And then they would take those nice cars and go parking..with those girls

But when women started working ...boys no longer needed to go parking they could just go home.
So lesson to save the economy grab a guy and go parking.....right.

Cause my Dad would only kill the boy if he found him...

Today after lunch Johnny and I were instructed to clean the kitchen. Johnny immediately starts acted crazy as only she can do...picture the reptile thing she does on facebook slash joker in between....yeah
So, as mom leaves the kitchen I am pleading for her help. From half way up the stairs comes her reply..

"Mary-John, stop being so.....very long pause.....
AH the perfect word.
Don't you love them...I do.