Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Jane in the pink room" actually might have been more frightening...

Grand finale of the epic adventure: "the big ATL"   
 (...sorry i'm still recovering from Teenpact, and still thriving off of Teenpact inside jokes)
Anyway, Atlanta is our last stop.
theeeenn (hallelujah) HOME!

So right now, i'm sitting on a bed..a very pink bed...which is sitting inside a lovely room. A very pink room that belongs to a beautiful little girl with strawberry curls and pink rosy cheeks. This room is inside a house that is not pink that belongs to Mama's dear friend. This house is inside a darling little town called "Peachtree City" that is right outside of Hotlanta. 

My mom is being all chatty downstairs with Dear Friend, and i'm stuck alone in this pink room on this pink bed waiting for her. It would be lying to say that i'm not more than slightly disturbed by this pink room at this moment. 

Allow me to share:
(yay for Buzz's webcam of awesome spectacular-ness)

The first picture is the room itself.
The second, is the giant horse near the head of the bed. He looks friendly, he's not.
The third, is the creeptastic glowing globe. MEGA weird. It looks cool, it's not.
And finally, the fourth picture is what scares me the most.

Yes, that bunny is for real.

 It's watching me. I don't trust him.

This is no april fools, friends.
 I may get eaten by a bunny rabbit tonight.


Rachel Marie said...

I've seen a lot of horses in my day, and that horse, dearest MJ, does NOT look at all friendly. That horse is a creeper.

stay away, build a fort, do something.

ooh dear I hope you are still breathing.

Ethne said...

i just wish you could have seen the bunny fort. GINORMOUS.
and heard the evil bunny scratches...

and seen the freaky little ears poking up in the darkness....

it's kinda cute today though. kinda.

Max-Frederick said...

YESSSSS.... the infamous bunny...
dear oh dear..
i love ya

Whitney said...


man i miss you.

Saura Lnow said...

I know the name of my blog is "Wild Rabbits" but that's only because it sounded good... in reality rabbits have creeped me out ever since I saw "Watership Down" when I was little

monolog said...

you want evil bunny, watch the first few minutes of the 1988 "Ailce." ...the first few minutes, because...that's all I've far...but there's an evil bunny.