Thursday, April 1, 2010

spontaneous roadtrip: success

I miss my people.
I miss my house.
Love Savannah, GA
Love ALL the places we visited.
Love vintage clothes from Savannah, GA
Cannot WAIT to be home. :)


Whitney said...

no. fail sauce.

because you were supposed to post about the vintage store.

so FAIL.
no success.
don't use that word.

elliebird said...

::envy exudes from the screen::

psh...well, oh yeah? i got a puppy! so there.

Rachel Marie said...

huzzah for success!
and yes you should share about vintage things, because it will make me terribly happy. =]

Elvis said...

We miss ya'll too!! Cannot wait till ya'll are home again!

Max-Frederick said...

love you :)
i'm glad you came to visit me :)
and i can't wait to hear MORE!