Monday, February 22, 2010

Charles Courtney Curran

He literally paints the lighting of Spring. 

I want a cool breeze, a grassy hill, the spring sun, and a picnic. 


Max-Frederick said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!
The way he catches the lighting, and the fabrics.. those white dresses are gorgeous!
Can we go on a picnic?

Margaret Mead said...


i swear i am going to post soon....

ooh dude baby i painted the fireplace today....i wish you could see it and tell me if it is too purple.

Ethne said...

i liked it being off-white

Lynn B. said...

Dig that red bumbershoot.

The last one makes me think of Caitlin.


(Mags, a purple fireplace? Imagine how amazing that's gonna look with orangey flames in it! You da bomb.)

Hair-Bo said...

Ole Charles paints a lot of Whitley Clad Females, doesn't he? But yes, they do indeed "catch spring in the act" so to speak.

Can't wait for spring!!!

WV - eallaic

rachel tsunami said...

I have a copy of the 7th one down on a beautiful card I bought but never sent...because I couldn't part with the picture.

Didn't know about the artist. Thanks for finding these.

Whitney said...

Oooooooh. Springy spring time :D