Saturday, February 27, 2010

my nap

My eyes were still closed, but i knew that i was awake.

Laying in my bed i could hear people in the kitchen moving and talking.

i heard laughing.

i heard the laughter of a woman, unknown, a normal low laugh.

i ignored it.

Then i heard a second laugh.

i smiled.

it was wonderful.


i thought of ringing and bells.

and pretty music.

what an amazing laugh.

i love that laugh.

i never noticed it before.

20 years i have heard and let it go unappreciated.

my momma has a beautiful laugh.





pretty music.

pretty momma.


Max-Frederick said...

i miss that...

Lynn B. said...

Your momma sings when she talks, too -- the way her voice rises and falls. You could easily notate her conversations. I love that about her.

I miss her.

Pritchett said...

tears streaming... tears of thankfulness!

thank you dear, dear daughter... I love you.

thank you dear friend... i miss you too!